A morning meditation will set the pace of your day. […] If you can’t imagine adding another step to your mornings why not make meditation an ingredient in your breakfast? […] A nice way to begin is to take 20 or 30 seconds to briefly reflect. Where did the food come from? Where was it grown?
From The One Ritual Your Morning is Missing – The Huffington Post

Dear friends of Mommy Blogger, recently talk shows and magazines have been discussing how intense stress and lack of meaningful stimulation can increase our risk of early dementia. We are not living according to nature and we know how dangerous that can be, with the GMOs and gluten, all the pesticides and lack of fiber!!!!
I have been reading about the Habits of Six Figures, Very Successful, Empowered and Yet Relaxed Women and it is clear that we should find more time and opportunities to relax during the day as part of our daily routine. I have decided to give it a try and make a few recommendation of my own for you all.

Morning Meditation during breakfast
Very successful, powerful  and yet relaxed women never miss their daily meditation and yoga. Because they are busy,  they practice eXtreme meditation, a powerful form of meditation done multitasking.
Let’s start with an easy one, let’s meditate during  breakfast.
If you normally have breakfast with your family, you can encourage them them to join you and spend a little time really “having” breakfast together. Remember though that a typical rushed, frantic family breakfast before work and school may present some challenges.
It can be difficult to slow down, smell each bite and be deliberate about each gesture while others are eating standing by the sink, drinking in big gulps from their cereal bowl, spilling milk on the floor or looking for their misplaced half-empty coffee mug while cursing because they can’t find the car keys.
Focus on the long journey that brought each organic raisin to your  granola and ignore your kid who is rushing through 2 hours-worth of homework in 5 minutes on a milk-splattered kitchen table.
Do your best to focus on your colon (so it will welcome the fiber you are chewing) even when one of your little bastards is yelling that he cannot find his socks, while an other one is having brownies, marshmallows and caramel sauce for breakfast.

Mid-Morning Meditation
Well, if not during breakfast, you can choose to meditate later, while doing other activities, like your laundry.
Take a deep breath and allow yourself to fully exhale, alert all your senses and take 20 or 30 seconds to briefly reflect.

  • Where did this t-shirt come from? (from China? I guess??)
  • What kind of a journey did it have?
  • How did it get grass stains on its collar?
  • How in the name of grace can a family of 5 people create so much filth in 3 days?
  • How the heck can so much mud fit in the socks of a little girl?
  • And where the hell can THIS stain come from?
  • What kind of stupid, insensitive, spoiled rotten #@$%ing pigs would make such a @#$ing disaster of a #$%ing mess of their f#$ing clothes? THAT’S WHAT I REALLY WANT TO KNOW!!!!!

Relaxing with Yoga
Why not trying some yoga? You can do it next to Jellybean, your beloved pooch. This way she gets some much needed attention while you do something for yourself.
Just get comfortable, start your breathing and focus on relaxing.
It is not that hard to ignore the dog, just keep your inner balance and concentration.
To be specific, resist the temptation to mull over the circumstances that brought to your home a strong, obtuse and needy Great Dane, with formidable salivation glands, instead of the pug you you had agreed upon.
Breath in…

Never f&*#$ing mind! Forget your inner balance, how can one maintain her outer balance in the dog position, if a stupid 90lb. mass of muscles decides that now is the right time for behind sniffing.

Sensory Deprivation to Boost your Brain activity
Sensory deprivation can be very effective in stimulating your brain and creating new neurons in your prefrontal cortex. The good news is that you don’t need to find an isolation tank, you can do it easily at home, by blocking only one of your senses at the time: start by using earplugs! Silence will make a huge difference in reducing your stress levels and stimulating your other senses!
It is perfectly OK to use ear plugs while doing other activities, but why not take a little deserved break? Go out to the garden and read a book, a magazine, or maybe a racy romance novel, why not!
And why not have a drink …or two. You deserve it!
Now, in the silence, enjoy your other senses fully, feeling the kiss of the sun and caress of the breeze on your skin, really absorbing the words you are reading and enjoying the beautiful flowery smell of a good chardonnay, or a nice gin & tonic, or cheap vodka, whatever.

My recommendation is to use an alarm – a very loud one – to remind you to remove the earplugs before you jump behind the steering wheel in a panic, rushing to pick up the kids and hoping to recover your 30 minute delay in the 6.3 mile journey to school.
However there is an advantage in keeping your earplugs in.
The fact that you cannot hear the police’ siren will help you get to school without any unplanned stop.