A big pet peeve of mine is careless sensationalism in journalism.
Here is a great example,
For years (since 1968) egyptologists have believed that Tutankhamun’s mummy was burnt whilst still sealed inside his coffin but nobody knew how and why.
Recently,  egyptologist Dr Chris Naunton came to believe that Tutankhamun’s mummification was botched and, shortly after his burial, a chemical reaction of the embalming oils  led to his mummy’s spontaneous combustion.
Channel 4 in the UK will broadcast a documentary about these findings in a couple of days.

The Huffington Post reports the news with this title

King Tut Was Victim Of Spontaneous Combustion, Mummy Researcher Claims

The article’s content is almost accurate, and it does link to the original Channel 4  post with the correct information, but its title is yellow journalism. So why the HuffPost article does not mention Tutankhamun’s kidnapping by aliens before his combustion episode – which we all know is the key to understanding the whole spontaneous combustion thing?

I am very disappointed!