What a fantastic idea! With his Spring-Autumn series, a photographer, Qozop, questions cultural assumptions and norms regarding “dressing appropriately for your age” by photographing grandparents and grandchildren wearing each other clothes.

“Once they had been photographed, they were often curious and amused to see themselves in their child’s or grandchild’s attire. Some were so comfortable in their new getup that they joked that they wanted to remain in that attire for the rest of the day!”

The shooting was done in Singapore.

The photos are very interesting.
I only wish that more was done with it. I would love to hear form each couple what they have learned about each other, what is different and what is the same in their lives and dreams!

It would be fantastic to engage in a project like this and turn it into a documentary, with interviews.
Boy, I wish I had an extra life to devote to all the things I cannot do  for lack of time.