I stumbled into this short video http://twistedsifter.com/2014/02/actor-recreates-six-famous-cultural-images-in-single-take/

It is an add for The Sunday Times, by the design studio Us (Christopher Barrett and Luke Taylor). They recreated six famous cultural images in a single steadicam shot.

Not only I think that it is beautifully done, but I find the choice of icons very interesting. It is a commercial, so the icons are easily identifiable for people here and now. Not all of them will survive the test of time, but what a beautiful source of conversation with kids. For example, how is an icon born, which will last and which are only generational or possibly seasonal, why do Rodin and Michelangelo matter even now, what makes their art universal, what are the tricks used in this video to make the icons recognizable.
Also, what about the fact that soon after the reservoir dogs image they don’t make any effort to hide the two colors of the guy’s suit. Are they intentionally breaking the 4th wall?  And so on.

recreating famous cultural images in one take by us (11)

Thanks to TwistedSifter.