tory-burch-fitbitFitbit partnered with Tory Burch to create fashionable accessories for its fitness product Fitbit Flex. I am happy to hear this because I have a Fitbit Flex which I love and which I would not mind accessorizing, but mostly because it allows me to go into a perfectly justified I TOLD YOU SO rant.

Here we go: I have been saying for years that technology needs to drop its nerdy appearance and actually try to suit the needs and taste of the consumer it is trying to attract!
Most women would rather hold their cellphone all day long than wear an ugly Bluetooth earpiece, but they would be delighted to wear designer earpieces that look like earrings!
Same can be said for men and watches. Can anybody imagine a circumstance where a proud owner  of an unaffordable timepiece would put aside his beloved Rolex and wear instead a multi-function electronic gadget? (excluding of course all Google, Microsoft and Apple employees).
Of course, employees of tech companies insisted for years and years that they could design beautiful objects without realizing or acknowledging that style for wearable technology is in a totally different category than phones or PCs. If something needs to be worn on one’s body, its design needs to be done taking in consideration the latest trends in the fashion industry otherwise users may feel awkward wearing it.
I am a fierce advocate for a collaboration between designers in fashion industry and technology. I believe that beautiful or at least trendy technology will be very successful. As much as people love to criticize Google glasses, I am sure that they will be happy to acquire a beautiful pair that doubles as sunglasses for themselves.
I said it over and over again but this idea never clicked with techies!

If I had had enough money to invest on this at the right time, now I would be rich, RICH I tell you!
I can already see myself boring my grandchildren to death with this story. 🙂

Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing the new Fitbit wristband, hoping it will be a beautiful object and will not cost a fortune.