Clearly wearable technology is it – we have known this for a while – lots more devices are getting advertised. They all seem to have a reasonably needed function, it is interesting to see which will stay, which will merge and which will fail.

The latest one I have seen, suggested by Facebook, is Cuff. It is a security device that “fits beautifully into an expanding line of jewelry. Cuff pairs to your iPhone or Android phone, and with one press will alert loved ones when you need them.
It seems like a very good idea to have something on you, easy to reach in case of emergency, rather than having to look for your phone, enter a pin number bring up the app and so on.
It is definitely the kind of device that would make any parent feel a little better about kids going out on their own.
The irrational me would be equally OK with implanting a microchip in their neck, fortunately for the kids I don’t allow the irrational me to make decisions. (We are not in  the world of The Circle)

Wisely, the company is planning to release a variety of bracelets, necklaces and more, that will support the device. I see this as smart not only because the market is ripe for fashionable technology but also because users would not be flashing their Cuff device and imply that they are afraid of something.

new tech2So, going back to the fact that now there are so many wearable devices, all with slightly different functions.
Current credo is that tech-consumer users prefer  small specialized apps to big and complex multi-function ones,  however while we can download hundreds of apps on our smartphone and tablets and we can easily organized them, can we really wear so many devices?

I am looking forward to seeing which functions the Google glasses will support and which of the biggest players will come up with a customizable device or set of devices that actually make our life easier.