I just stumbled into this kickstarter project: wireless headphones that also work as fitness trackers. A very welcomed safety feature is an additional microphone that allows users to hear approaching cars and other external sounds when in environments that may potentially unsafe.
They connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone.

They seem like a fantastic idea for working out. However, if you are like me, you still want to wear your activity tracker for the rest of the day and I cannot imagine wearing ear-buds, no new tech2matter how comfortable, all day long.
I would still end up having to swap devices, once I am done with my workout.
I would also be wearing at the same time a separate safety device.
Plus a posture device.
Plus my e-glasses.
Plus ….


For the short term my hopes are in e-glasses to be able to take care of many of the needs now fulfilled by so many different devices.

New Tech4

In the long term I bet and hope that we will use  LED tattoos on our wrists, special contact lenses and small earrings instead.