I have mentioned Cuff before, when it was advertised simply as a safety device. I thought it was a great idea, but I was not too excited about having another single-purpose wearable device. However it looks like people at Cuff had a better idea and they have designed a multi-purpose device after all! According to their web-site, cuff is a safety device and it can track your activity, let you know when your phone is ringing  and also when you left it behind. This of course addresses my biggest pet peeve: you can’t always hear your phone when it is in your bag, but if you keep it out all the time, you can easily loose it.
This way you can safely keep your phone in your bag, even in loud places, and never miss a call.  (That is, if you don’t want to miss a call!)
It is very easy to charge it too. At the moment it does not seem to be tracking sleep patterns, but that feature may be coming soon.

There is another great thing about it, it comes with a line of jewelry that will hold the actual device: bracelets, necklaces, and key chains in different finishes and textures.
Now we are talking!