Critics seem not to be too excited about the Apple watch. The major questions seem to be about what it does vs costs vs look. Not surprising, it is a first generation device and there are not many apps for it yet. But also, as I have said before, wearable devices need to be either affordable or very, very beautiful for people to want to where them all the time.

I do love this picture of the apple phone, available also in green and yellow.

In the meantime I am still waiting for my Cuff device and accessories which I ordered a few months ago. Cuff’s release date had originally been set quite vaguely in Spring 2015 but I received an email announcing the official release for July. It is quite a long time to wait for a first generation device. I wonder how competitive this first generation will be.
On the other hand, their feature list is still the one that I prefer over all the others, maybe because Cuff has been designed by a woman.