It bothers me to think that in the last eighteen  months, innumerable hours of my life have gone into a struggle against Windows’ automatic installation of drivers. If you know how to “mess” with it, Windows offers many customization options, but not for driver installation. You just cannot stop the automatic download of a driver for a specific device. It has never been possible and it seems absurd to me that this is not a feature.

My problem is this:
I was using my laptop and I had placed a mug full of coffee next to it, when I had to walk away for some reason or another. My young son and a friend, who were not supposed to be playing in that room, bumped into the table and spilled the entire content of the mug on my laptop keyboard. The two kids grabbed a kitchen towel, hurriedly mopped the coffee from the table and went back to their game, letting probably half a mug of coffee slowly go through the computer from the keyboard, with the computer still running. When I came back, probably 30 minutes later, the keyboard was fried and one of the key was left permanently on.

The actual computer still works quite well, and I had been using it mostly as a desktop machine by attaching it to a big monitor and a USB keyboard, so I thought I could continue using it this way, I just need to uninstall the laptop keyboard so it won’t interfere.
Easy solution, right?
Well, not really! Windows keeps on re-installing the laptop driver over and over again, even after changing the settings about driver installation.

coffee on laptopI had to go into the Local Group Policy Editor and change the setting there.
Of course, this means that every time I want to install a new device or update the software, I need to edit the GPE again.
Moreover, big Windows updates override my settings and every once in a while I end up spending lots of time trying to uninstall the laptop keyboard driver and change the settings while the keyboard is constantly typing the character `.

end of rant