Stefania was born in a town by  a very old and benevolent sea, warm and rich with history.
(when she was little it was also rich with coral, seahorses and starfish, but that is a different story…)
She grew up learning about cultures, science, literature and poetry, art and philosophy; immersed in languages, music and sounds, aromas and flavors that have enriched the Mediterranean for centuries. From those cultures she inherited a need to know and learn, love of beauty and creativity, and deep respect for courage.

She is a true daughter of the Mediterranean, yet she left it a long time ago, for places wet by wild and colder oceans, beautiful and rich in very different ways.
She left so she could learn more stories, including her own.

After some traveling, Stefania now lives very happily in Seattle, with her husband and two children.
She feels very lucky to be born in these great days of technological development and Seattle is the perfect place for those who love both technology and creativity.
The world is full of opportunities and it is much easier to travel, interact, learn and express yourself. Places and friends are never too far, she can visit loved ones and stay in touch all year around with friends all over the world.
Her old friend, the sea, often comes to visit in her dreams.


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